Friday, September 28, 2007

ममता टीवी Mamata TV's Blog

चिट्ठाजगत अधिकृत कड़ी 

Mamta001 [हिन्दी मे मुक्त प्रतिलिप अधिकार देने वाले चंद चिट्ठों में एक]

The idea of Public Domain and Creative Commons is picking up in Hindi Blogosphere. This good for a society that has long had protectionist tendencies.  Once writings are given in Creative Commons, it liberates people to use these works without legal threat.

Mamta is a Homemaker, writes on numerous subjects with flair, and liberally illustrates her writings with photographs. You can see her blog here: Mamta TV

[If you this blog, then you should see my flagship Hindi blog Sarathi. Other blogs maintained by me are Tarangen and Indian Photos]

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