Friday, September 28, 2007

चिट्ठाजगत ChitthaJagat Hindi Aggregator


[चिट्ठाकारी चालू हुई अंग्रेजी से, लेकिन अब यह कई भाषाओं में पहुंच गई है. प्रस्तुत है हिन्दी का एक एग्रीगेटर-परिचय]

Though Blogs started only in English world, the addition of Unicode non English fonts in the latest versions of the Windows operating system has brought a flood of blogging in Non English languages. Hindi is one of the fastest growing languages in Blogsphere.

There are three major aggregators in Hindi. Narad is the oldest one and the father of Hindi blogging revolution. The latest one is Blogvani.  Technologically the strongest player is ChitthaJagat and the name is the Hindi equivalent of Blogsphere.

The process of registration is almost fully automated, and it takes very little time to get on to this aggregator and being seen by the world. In fact the engine starts the process of aggregation as soon as it gets the URL of a new Hindi blog. The author can claim it soon after that. As I write, it represents about 1100 Hindi blogs.

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wordpress ke blogs isse kaise judenge.......?